Tim Sweeney

Software Engineer @ Weights and Biases
Machine Learning Developer Tools

  • 2020: MS Computer Science / Machine Learning (GPA 4.0) - Georgia Tech
  • 2015: BS Information Systems / Computer Science (GPA 3.7) - Cal Poly SLO
Long Form Content
  • [Podcast] Navigating Your Data Science Journey w/ Tim Sweeney
  • [Tech Blog] Ranking Tweets with TensorFlow @ Twitter
  • [Tech Blog] Embeddings @Twitter
Top Projects and Research
  • [Live Site] Music Sharing App: Beatstream
  • [Paper] CV: Localization and Classification of Real-World Numeric Digits
  • [Paper] Solve OpenAI’s LunarLander-v2 Gym Environment using a Deep Q-Networks
  • [Paper] Compare and contrast Correlated-Q Learning to traditional Q-Learning approaches
  • [Paper] Reproduce Sutton’s Learning to Predict by the Methods of Temporal Differences (1988)
  • [Paper] Q-Learning Market Strategy Learner
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